What role does the Chief Justice play in the Supreme Court?



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    The chief justice leads the supreme court. They are a spokesperson for the supreme court and also acts as the chief administrative officer. They are the highest position in the judiciary branch and is the highest judicial officer in the country.

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    The Chief Justice has many roles which make him or her a very influential part of the Supreme Court.

    • Leads discussions
    • First to circulate cases he or she thinks should be heard in the following term
    • Appoints members to other specialized courts
    • Presides over Presidential impeachment hearings
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    The Chief Justice Justice of the United States is the head of the US federal court system and is the chief judge of the Supreme Court of the United States. One of the nine supreme court justices, he is the highest judicial officer in the country. One of the unique roles of the Chief Justice over that of the other justices is that chief justices preside over impeachement trials of the President of the United States.Chief Justices Salmon P. Chase and William Rehnquist are the only two Chief Justices to have done this in America’s history.


    Other duties of the Supreme court are, they are the first to vote in supreme court proceedings, and if in the majority has the option of writing the opinion. Also serves as the head of the Judicial Conference of the United States.

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