What role do US utilities have in renewable energy?



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    Utilities are responsible for providing people with electricity and gas. Currently, most electricity is provided by coal, but utilities are starting to buy more renewable energy as well. More renewable energy needs to be produced before it can be used, however. More large-scale wind and solar farms need to be built before utilities can deliver more renewable energy. Politically, some utilities are on the forefront of renewable energy production. For example, Pacific Gas and Electric left the Chamber of Commerce because it does not accept anthropogenic climate change. Others subsidize renewable energies directly.

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    They also can provide rebate programs for their customers if they decide to put solar or wind energy on their homes. They can offer an incentive program to credit customers who sell energy back to the grid (net-metering or feed in tariffs). They also can buy REC’s (Renewable Energy Credits) to offset their energy usage.

    The first link below will show you if your utility company provides net-metering or feed in tariffs. The second link is an example of a utility company that provides a rebate program for its customers.

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