What river supports the most humans?



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    Interesting question. Because of global commerce and the trade of goods this answer becomes more challenging to answer as products grown in one watershed are transported to other areas of the world. I dont know if this question can be answered for certain and I would be interested to hear what other people come up with, but I will propose that the Mississippi River in the eastern U.S. supports a signicant number of people, through crop production (crops that are then sent throughout the world) but also through factories along the river, and as source of transportation.


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    I would say the Nile River, because had it not been for the River…Egyptians would not have survived or built any type of culture there at all.  It continues to provide a way of life for them today, as all rivers do for all communities that rely on it….but the massive size of the Nile (longest in the world) replenishes 9 countries.

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