What is a river ecosystem?

about rivers and how they survive



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    A lotic ecosystem is the ecosystem of a river, stream or spring. Included in the environment are the biotic interactions (amongst plants, animals and micro-organisms) as well as the abiotic interactions (physical and chemical)

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    A river ecosystem includes many animals, the trinity river has eals, turtles, fish, clams, and lots of other animals, if you see an eale you can hold out you hand to it and it will stick it mouth to it for a small amout of time, but be sure to hold your hand as straigt as posable. The ecosystem of a river is mostly made of animals and water. The animals swim in the water and pew in it too but also find small insects to eat on top of the water bed. I don’t know much about eale, only that they can grow VERY big. The turtles, mostly snaping turtles like to sit on rocks and swim around.

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