What is the risk of letting global warming run its course?



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    Letting greenhouse gasses build up and global temperatures rise could lead to variety of changes on Earth. The ice caps could melt which would cause sea levels to rise creating many refugees. Our current crops may not grow well in the new environment reducing the amount of food and fiber available. Many non domesticated animals and plants will not be able to adapt and may go extinct. People are a very adaptable species and we may be able to survive but we share this planet and we don’t really have the right to cause this global level of change without consideration for the rest of the species that inhabit Earth.

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    Just with all earthly changes such as the extinction of the dinosaurs, or the ice age, some species will survive and thrive on while others will die out. We cannot predict which species will survive and what this will mean for humans in the long run. This might be catastrophic to the human species, or it might not be detrimental at all. We just don’t know; nor can we accurately predict because there will be so many factors involved that it will be hard to pin point. However, if we do care about the diversity of life on the planet, we will do something before many species die out and are harmed.

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