What is the Rh factor?



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    The Rh factor, or the Rhesus factor, is a blood group antigen that some people have and some do not. If an Rh negative person receives a blood transfusion from someone who is Rh positive, they can develop hemolysis and anemia.

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    The Rh factor is a protein that may or may not be found on the red blood cells of humans. Those with the Rh factor are deemed Rh positive, and those without are Rh negative. Under normal circumstances, the Rh factor has no effect on one’s health or wellness; it only becomes a major issue when mixed with blood of the opposite factor, like a blood transfusion or pregnancy. This is because the Rh factor acts as an antigen for Rh negative blood, meaning that antibodies will be produced which fight against the body. A person’s Rh factor is determined by a simple blood test.

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