What is a responsible way to get rid of my old printer cartridges?



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    Here are a list of steps you can follow to make sure you dispose of your printer cartridges in the right way:

    Learn how companies recycle toner cartridges and often use its raw material to make new items including cartridges. Toner cartridges are dismantled and go through a quality check before being reused.

    Contact the cartridge manufacturer or seller. A majority of cartridge manufacturers have plans in place on recycling old and used cartridges and they will accept it.

    Dispose toner cartridges in the appropriate trash container. Do not dispose toner cartridges in the normal trash box. If you live in an urban house, make sure you dispose of the cartridge in the ‘green’ recycle trash box. If you work in an office or study in college, you will most likely locate a facility where you can drop of your used toner cartridges.

    Go online and learn about recycling and disposal information on various electronics items and computer peripherals using prominent search engines.

    Visit the official EPA website (www.epa.gov) to learn more about toner cartridge disposal.

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    All of the above is great — I just wanted to add a link to this awesome resource which can tell you where to recycle just about anything… Earth911.org

    You can bring empty ink cartridges back to stores which specialize in selling printer supplies, like ink cartridges and paper supplies… they might even give you a discount on buying a new one!

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