What is renewable diesel?



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    Renewable diesel is a product of fats or vegetable oils — alone or blended with petroleum — that have been refined in an oil refinery. It is sometimes called a “second-generation biodiesel.

    Benefits of renewable diesel:

    • can be produced domestically from a variety of homegrown feedstocks (creating jobs in the US)
    • reduced greenhouse gas emissions
    • compatible with current diesel distribution infrastructure; not requiring new or modified pipelines, storage tanks, or retail station pumps
    • can be produced with existing oil refinery capacity; not requiring extensive new production facilities
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    Renewable diesel is also known as bio-diesel. It is made from refined vegetable oil and fats. It is many times blended with petroleum based diesel in varying ratios. However bio-diesel can run a car without the addition of any petroleum products. It has a very low sulfur content, which is desirable when it comes to using advanced emission-control devices.

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