What is the relationship between consumption and conservation of natural resources in America?



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    There is an inverse relationship between the two — if we are over-consuming (products and energy) then it means that we are depleting our natural resources.   So as consumption rises, conservation decreases. There has to be a balance — the key to [the good] life is figuring out what that is. I think we need to try our bests to be moderate (not consume too much, definitely make it one’s own active duty to try NOT TO WASTE THINGS) — and if we are able to do this, then we will find ourselves in a state of serenity and peace, knowing we are CONSERVING OUR NATURAL RESOURCES (we are looking out for future generations!)… DYK that Native American Chiefs considered both 7 generations into the past and 7 generations into the future before making any important decision for the tribe?  What can we learn from this as far as our consumption habits (and the pollution that unfortunately goes along with them) goes?


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    Unfortunately this relationship is most commonly antithetical. They are so inherently different that conservation and consumption in America are always in opposition.

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