What regions do you think will have the highest population densities in the year 2050?



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    I think if sea levels continue to rise as projected people will begin to migrate away from coast lines.  Other crisis predictions relating to food and water shortages should foster an increase in populations to areas suited to support them.  I would expect established areas both on an economical and resourceful scale (Europe, North America, South America) to see greater densities of population.

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    As far as America is concerned I bet Southern California will continue to grow.  It is a hot spot for immigration from Central and South America, as well as Asia.  Add on to that all the Americans that move there, and then all of them want to start families of their own, and BAM you have a booming population as seen right now.

    I feel like if there are water shortages and prices of water skyrocket then I bet a lot of American will also move to the Great lakes regions and up and down the Mississippi River.

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    The metropolitan corridor from Washington, DC to Baltimore, Philadelphia and to New York already has the highest population density. I don’t think that will change by 2050. Southern California will certainly continue to grow due to a welcoming climate.

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