What region of the U.S. has the highest rates of obesity?



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    According to the Centers for Disease Control, the deep south has the highest rate of obesity. Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee all have state obesity rates of over 30%. Joining them in this illustrious category are South Carolina, West Virginia, and Oklahoma.

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    The deep south region of the US has the highest rates of obesity in 2009.  The state with the highest rate of obesity is Mississippi with a 32.5 percent adult obesity rate.  The childhood obesity rate is 44.4% in Mississippi !  Mississippi is closely followed by Alabama and Tennessee which both have rates above 30% adult obesity.  In a link provided below there is a state by state break down on both adult and childhood obesity.

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    This cause of this is due to their lifestyle, naturally.  There are lots of fast food restaurants, and lots of cars.  Though sports are big in the south, it seems a lot are inactive.  And sadly, parents pass on these attitudes to children.

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