What is red diesel?



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    Red diesel is a type of fuel meant for heating and electrical generators, as well as very specific types of vehicles, such as agricultural machinery. The fuel is taxed a lot less than its ‘white’ counterpart, and because of that is dyed red so police can easily identify a vehicle that is using the fuel illegally.

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    Red diesel is not used in cars. Red diesel is used for heating oil in homes, and the diesel is dyed red so that people can tell the two diesels (automotive and home heating) apart. It contains less sulphur than automotive diesel, and it’s much cheaper. The red dye doesn’t actually do anything for or against the diesel, it just allows people to tell the difference between it and automotive diesel. It’s actually a criminal offense to use red diesel for anything aside from heating your home because the red diesel isn’t taxed, and therefore you’re kind of stealing from the government.

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