What is a recycling plant?



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    A recycling plant is a facility where recyclable materials, such as glass, plastic and cardboard, are processed. A plant may be an offshoot of a waste dump or landfill, or it may be a separate location. The process of recycling is as follows: first, materials arrive at the plant and are sorted by type; then, depending on the material, it is melted (glass), shredded (plastic, metal, paper) or pulped (paper), reducing it to its rawest form, in order to properly manipulate it. Once broken down, these materials are shipped to facilities to become recycled goods, which we use every day. 

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    A recycling plant is where recycled goods go to get recycled. They are processed and sent to producers and distributors to create recycled products. There have been advancements in recycling plant technology. The link below has a article and video about recycling plants that do not need to have materials manually sorted.

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