What is the rarest species of trout?



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    There are quite a few species of rare trout, so it is hard to tell which is indeed the rarest, but the Gila Trout is certainly up there.  It is one of the few listed on the Federal Endangered Species list.  It is a native of Arizona and New Mexico, and it inhabits the Gila River (hence the name).  Fishing for Gila Trout is prohibited in most waters, though there are select times and waters when you can fish for them in New Mexico.  There is actually only one place left in its native Arizona where the Gila Trout lives, which gives you an idea of its rarity though there are several places in New Mexico.  If you want more information on the Gila Trout you can check out the link that I attached.

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    The Paiute cutthroat is consiered the rarest trout in the world.

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