What is the rarest fish in the world?



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    The rarest fish is probably one that we have not yet discovered. In fact, there are vast amounts of the ocean that we do not know much about yet and have not explored. Excluding undiscovered fish, there a quite a few fish beyond the Lockness Monster that have been spotted only a few times. One of the rarest and fascinating aquatic creatures is the colossal squid (which can reach up to 50 feet in size). Other rare fish are the deep-sea dwelling black lizardfish (deep-water greeneye), and the black swallower. These are so rare because they live deep in the ocean and are often not seen by man because of their location, not because of their population. Another rare one is the borna snakehead (Chel snakehead) which is rare because it is only found in one small are in the Bengal region in India. The megamouth shark is certainly putting up a strong case for being the rarest since there are only three known sighting of this aquatic beast. For more information on these interesting yet relatively unknown sea-creatures see the link below.

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    One of the rarest fish is the Coelacanth. Until the late 1930s, the Coelacanth was believed to be extinct. It was found oncce again in a river off the east coast of South Africa. Ever since, the fish has also been discovered in Tanzania, Mozambique, and Comoros.

    Another rare fish is the Borna Snakehead. They are found exclusively in Bengal, India and are a freshwater fish. They can be found in regions with a temperature of twenty-five celsius.

    Thirdly, another rare fish in the world is the Megamouth shark. The Megamouth shark is among the rarest animals in existence. They have only been spotted a few times and were only discovered thirty-five years ago. Records show that only three of these sharks have ever been found. They can grow up to six meters but not much is know about these interesting sharks because they have not been efficiently studied.

    It really is hard to say which fish is the most rare but these creatures are rarely seen and not enough facts are known about them because they are so rare that scientists have not properly studied them. I hope this somewhat answers your question.

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