What is the rarest fish in the world?



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    The rarest fish in the world is still a mystery because the ocean contains so much uncharted area. The habitat of many of these fish is either incredibly particular or difficult for humans to reach. There is a list of the 27 most rare species of fish in the world, but again we don’t know if they are simply difficult to document or truly low in numbers. Nonetheless, they are fascinating creatures, and here are a few from the list: the black swallower, black chimaera, coelacanth, lumpfish, the snaggletooth, prehistoric frilled shark, deep-sea glass squid, and the fangtooth. 

    Here is a photo of the prehistoric frilled shark


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    It is difficult to pinpoint the rarest fish, as being rare, the populations and sightings are incredibly low.  However, certain species of fish that inhabit landlocked caves can be considered some of the rarer species, because their habitats are very limited in space and size, as well as having little or no access to other water sources.  If something were to happen to the water source inside the cave, the fish is at great risk of going extinct, because it has nowhere else to go.  Check out this fish in Key Cave, Alabama: http://www.timesdaily.com/article/20090306/ARTICLES/903065026?Title=Cave-home-to-one-of-world-s-rarest-fish.  The Devil’s Hole pupfish lives in 90 degree water in Death Valley, California, and is being studied to prevent extinction.

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