what is Rail LA hoping to accomplish?



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    RailLA is a coalition group dedicated to bringing high-speed rails to LA.  The hope is LA will become the major hub of high-speed rails in California.  By showing positive impact of high-speed rails on the environment, traffic congestion, and sustainable urban design and planning, railLA hopes to transition to a transit-oriented society.  The long term goal is to become an example of a transit society for the rest of the nation.

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    RailLA is a program created by Los Angeles architects and the LA chapter of the American Planning Assocation, as well as community members to get the people of LA away from using personal vehicles for transportation all the time. 

    railLA is promoting the California High-Speed Rail project.  The state has recently been approved to get $2.25 billion to spend on this project.  This project will build a series of rail tracks for high speed trains to run on throughout the city.  The main goal of the project is to help the environment by offering a new mode of transportation for LA’s occupants.

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