What is a raccoon dog?



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    Raccoon dogs are a native Asian species. They live in small groups or pairs and enjoy having a mate or friends. The males are very helpful taking care of their young and bringing food for their pregnant female mates. Sadly, raccoon dogs are captured and killed for their fur, which is widely misrepresented as fur from other animals or even fake. They suffer greatly under miserable, lonely conditions when captured for their fur.

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    The raccoon dog is a very unique species of wild dog found in eastern Asia. It is also known as magnut and tanuki. Raccoon dogs look very similar to raccoons which is where the name comes from, not because they are related in any way. These omnivores live in dens and usually hibernate during the winter in the wild. They are about the size of a fox (18-28 inches in length and 6-15 pounds depending on the season) and have long claws that give them the ability to climb trees. Raccoon dogs are monogamous and usually are found with a life-long mate.

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