What is the quickest payback of any green technology?



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    The return on investment for any green technology really depends on where you live.  For instance, wind power is great if you live in a very windy area, and solar is great if you live in a very sunny area and your house is ideal.  This summer I am working with a solar energy company, and we help a lot of residential customers work with their banks and get all the state/federal rebates associated with solar energy.  There are many cases where the banks have given full loans on the systems and the customers have paid back the loans with the government rebates they get every year and the money they are saving on electricity so it is completely nothing out of pocket.  They pay back the loans within 3-5 years, and then they still get rebates and the savings on electricity so they end up making money.  Personally I think solar gives you the quickest return on investment, but it really depends on what your home is ideal for.

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