What question asked on “Green Answers” has received the most responses?

I love this forum and the intelligent, thoughtful responses. Very refreshing. Just wondering which questions really grab people’s imagination – like the one a few days ago about picking recyclables out of the garbage – I think 8 people responded – many good citizens out there with good ideas. The citations are a good addition.
So who is our present record holder???



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    Some of the questions on GreenAnswers that have received the most answers (that I have noticed) are:

    What are some animals that mate for life?

    What is your favorite wild animal picture?

    and oddly,

    What color is magma?

    I think these questions have even more answers than the great “picking recyclables out of the garbage” question (which I also really enjoyed reading).

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    I’m not totally sure what data is being used, but, of course, you can consult the charts to the right that illustrate Most Viewed, Most Watched and Most discussed!

    I’m reasonably sure these figures are based on recent activity rather than overall numbers.

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    As tomsharpe says, the “most discussed” tab on the side is an excellent way of sorting oft-responded questions. At the moment it looks like the green gifts question,


    is at top. Speaking anecdotally however, I’ve noticed that the photography questions, like:


    which has around 30 responses, tend to be quite popular.

    I agree entirely though, I learn so much at this site!


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