What is a question to ask someone to see how green they really are?



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    I would ask them what they basic diet consists of. If they are not eating a vegetarian diet, then they are supporting an enormous polluter. Another way to maybe see if they are truly green is to throw something away, and see if they mention that you could of recycled that item.

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    First and foremost, it is easily to distinguish people who are aware of environmental issues from those who are not. Do they know about climate change? Are they aware of global warming and deforestation? Once you have established how aware they are, the next step is to gauge if they are indifferent to the cause or whether they feel passionately about it. Chances are that if they are not indifferent to the cause, they are doing their best to help it in little or big ways, from using as little plastic as possible to getting involved in green movements to bring a change of a larger scale for the cause. Sometimes with the best of intentions, people are unaware of the cause or misinformed about it, this does not necessarily mean that they would not be green if they were aware of the cause and the various dangers that global warming and climate change poses to the earth. Therefore, snap judgments about someone’s intentions and choices cannot be based just on one question, their level of awareness and concern is what really reflects how green they are in their thoughts and lifestyle.

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