What is quantum gravity?



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    Complicated, but I’ll try to explain the absolute basics here (follow the link for more specifics). Basically, Quantum Gravity is an attempt to reocncile the general laws of relativity (you can’t go faster than the speed of light, space and time are links and curved, etc) with the ideas of quantum mechanics (things may exists in a state of “quantum flux”, during which their state is variable). So Quantum gravity is an attempt to combine “facts” about the state of the universe with the idea that the universe is affected by perceptions, randomness, and miniscule changes in reality.

    I hope this helped!

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    Quantam gravity is a field of theoretical physics that basically tries to unify gravity with the use of other fundamental forces of physics. “It generally posits a theoretical entity, a graviton, which is a virtual particle that mediates the gravitational force.” Quantam gravity runs into problems both at the lab and theoretically, as it requires tremendous amounts of energy to actually be tested and “Gravitation is currently explained through the theory of general relativity which makes very different assumptions about the universe at the macroscopic scale than those made by quantum mechanics at the microscopic scale.”

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