What is the purpose of your tonsils?



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    Tonsils are actually part of your immune system. The tonsils are the first line of defense against infections as they are at the front of your throat, closest to your mouth. So, when they are doing their job and fighting off infections, you get a sore throat. They usually swell a bit and turn red when this occurs. Before antibiotics, removing the tonsils was a way of preventing strep throat because it was thought the tonsils were the cause of the illness. Today, tonsils are often removed less because it is known that antibiotics can cure a majority of the diseases this procedure could help prevent. 

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    Tonsils are okay to remove because they come in handy and provide your body with the most benefit in the first year of life. So, after the first year of your life they don’t do as much for your immunity as the rest of the lymphatic system. Tonsils benefit immunity, but infection or enlargement of the tonsils actually creates more problems for your body than it prevents, so they can be removed without much risk or danger. After all infection usually causes large amounts of scar tissue to develop on your tonsils, which makes them essentially useless. 

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