What is the purpose of lips on the mouth?



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    They help with lots of things! Of course, they keep a seal over the mouth so things don’t get in and so things don’t fall out (drinking or eating without lips would be no fun). Lips also help babies feed by sucking.

    They are also extremely important for forming sounds. They’re a huge part of why we have the range of communication we have. Imagine trying to say “bumblebee” without lips! Furthermore, within the communication range, they are important for facial expressions. The ability to make the variety of expressions that we can may have kept many of our ancestors alive! Smiling or grimacing can communicate volumes.

    Lips are also very important sensory organs. They are extremely sensitive, and provide information about texture and temperature to our brains that much of our skin can’t pick up.

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    First of all lips are muscles, and those muscles are very useful while eating because it holds the food in while keeping other things out. In addition those muscle can be used for suction, especially for babies when nursing. Also they have a lot of nerve endings which allow sensitivity to hot, cold, sharp smooth, etc., which can help identify certain objects. Lastly they are necessary for speech, because the muscles in the lips allow us to move them in many different ways allowing us to make different sounds.

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