What purpose does crude oil serve within the Earths crust? Knowing the perfect precision of this Earth’s design,someone please convice me that crude oil is an expendable resource that we can remove with as much voracity as we wish, without reprocussion.



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    That is absolutely not true. Crude oil plays a part in the crust. The deposits of oil are the carbon dense remnants of life from century and millenniums ago. It has been debated as to what the exact consequences would be in all the oil of the world was used up, but current theories hold that the oil asks like the lubricant. There are multiple large tectonic plates that make up the surface of the earth and some believe that oil acts like a lubricant for these plates, and if it was all gone, then the earth would start to have much stronger earthquakes because the plates would stick, not glide.

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      Iaram, this is exactly what I believe to be happening. I believe this to be exactly why this planet is heating from the inside out, I believe that this is the reason for the dramatic increase in seismic activity, and I believe that the removal of lubrication is causing a tremedous build up of friction related kinetic energy that is causing the planet to expand.

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    Crude oil has a natural  purpose , and removing it will definately have serious reprocussions. I believe earthquakes are stronger and more wide spread.

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    I think the crude is to keep the earth cool and prevent this planet from having massive earthquakes. I also think this is why we fine most of the crude in the Middle East, because it is very hot there.

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