What purpose do seaweeds serve?



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    Seaweeds serve many different purposes, for example in the agriculture industry. A liquid seaweed concentrate called “Kelpak” was developed, and is made from brown kelp and harvested near South Africa’s western coast. When tested on plants, by spraying them or spreading them on plants’ leaves, there was apparently tremendous growth recorded! Other uses that seaweed has are as food and medical uses. 

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    Seaweed is just one of many species trying to inhabit and coexist in our oceans, not necesarily to serve a direct purpose. In fact, while some animals eat/ live in seaweed, it can also have a toxic effect on other animals, like coral, showing that every ecosystem has a variety of cause and effect.

    I hope this helped!

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    Don’t forget that seaweed is also a source of food for many types of animals, including humans.

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    They use it in a lot of therapeutic spas for body treatments.  When wrapped around the body it can draw out toxins while pushing in nutrients.

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