What purpose do amoebas serve in the environment?



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    While amoebas are only single celled protozoa, some types are beneficial to their enviorment while others can be quite harmful. Amoebas can be found in both fresh and salt water, soil, and as parasites in animals. The most common amoebas, like the ones you usually see in science lab in schools, feed on decaying matter at the bottom of streams. The amoebas that are parasites can be quite dangerous to humans and animals, causing severe infections.

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    Amoebas play an important part in the bottom levels of a food web.  They feed on bacteria, algae, and other protozoans, and are eaten by zooplankton, which are the fundamental source of food for larger aquatic and marine organisms.  On the other hand, viruses and bacteria can excrete enzymes that can cause amoebas to burst, and the contents provide food for algae and bacteria.

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