What is the purpose of AltCar 2009?



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    The 4th Annual Alternative Energy and Transportation Expo (AltCar) returns this year as the largest and most cohesive Alternative Energy/Transportation Expo in Southern California, offering a number of unprecedented presentations and cutting-edge vehicles for consumers to drive.
    Its purpose it to bring together all these people, including designers and consumers, to look at and explore the new cars and ideas in the industry.
    AltCar will showcase more than 100 alt-fuel and ultra-efficient vehicles including zero-emission electric cars, hybrids, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles rated in excess of 100 miles per gallon, and those running on hydrogen fuel cells, natural gas, propane, biodiesel and ethanol. Scooters, Segways, electric motorcycles, bicycles and more will also be on hand. Low-speed and freeway-capable vehicles will be available for public ‘ride-and-drives’ and for immediate purchase.

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