What is the punishment for illegally hunting animals?



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    The punishment for illegal hunting varies state-to-state and can range anywhere from the loss of your hunting license, your vehicle, and your gun to up to a year in jail or a fine.

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    Utah has recently increased its punishment for people who poach. Just for killing an elk out of season can cost you $8000 and/or 5 years in prison. For some states, poaching is theft; you’re stealing something from the land. Poaching fish in several states counts as a hefty misdemeanor, and it goes on your record as a crime.

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    The punishment for illegally hunting animals varies from region to region, and varies on the amount and type of animal killed. Hunting endangered animals will generally have harsher punishments than more abundant animals. Some wildlife officials estimate that for every animal legally taken during hunting season, one animal is killed by poachers. In Utah a person can face an $8,000 fine and can get a 5 year prison sentence for illegally killing an elk.

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