What is the proportion of smart/intelligent buildings in overall real estate market?



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    I think you might be talking about permaculture, which is a way of designing buildings and other structures in an ecologically-friendly way. Check out the link for the permaculture institute below for lots of info and links.

    A great source for you to search green building projects in your area and throughout the US is the US Dep. of Energy: Renewable Energy webpage. Follow this link http://femp.buildinggreen.com/?search=Location to find projects near you.

    Another source I found very interesting was a statement by the “Office of Federal High Performance Green Buildings” from July 2010. It speaks of the incorporation of “green” buildings into government bureaus, and standards for what makes a building “green.” Also check out the US Green Building Council (http://www.usgbc.org). The EPA also has a pretty good FAQ page (http://www.epa.gov/greenbuilding/pubs/faqs.htm).

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