What properties make garlic a great health food?



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    When garlic cloves are consumed, they release a compound called allicinth. Acillinth gives garlic its strong taste and smell and is also responsible for its therapeutic qualities. Garlic has been credited with fighting heart diseases, lowering blood pressure, and preventing colds and flus.

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    Garlic is touted by many online sources as having multiple medicinal properties, and there is evidence to suggest that garlic contains powerful antioxidents. 

    That said, take whatever food-related medical advice you see online with a grain of salt if it’s not supported by solid scientific data.  The second link below is just one sort of site you should be wary of: ones that say garlic can be used to cure or prevent a disease.  The one cited says that garlic may be used to prevent herpes. Would you bet your sexual health on that?  If you wish to use garlic than anything more than a delicious food item that may also have additional health benefits, consult your physician first!

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