What is the proper way to care for my trees?



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    The care for trees depends on the type of tree that you have, but there are basic steps that need to be taken in order to properly care for any trees.  Most of the time when you buy a tree, it comes with an instruction on how to care for that tree but does not go into detail about maintaining the tree.  An effective maintenance program, including regular inspections and the necessary follow-up care of mulching, fertilizing, and pruning, can detect problems and correct them before they become damaging or fatal.

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    Proper tree care is imporatant. You will want to look more into the exact care instructions for your particular tree to ensure you know the correct way to care for it.  Fruit trees will have much different instructions than evergreens or other non-fruit bearing trees.  For example, some trees should not be pruned in the Spring, and there are different tips for pest control for different species.  Here is a link to some tree care information, if you have more questions you might want to consult a nursery or arborist.


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