what is the proper name for a two-toed bird?



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    The ostrich is the only bird with only two toes. Its scientific name is Struthio camelus.

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    This Web site states that a bird with two toes can come from the same family as a bird with three toes.  Therefore, there might not be an over-arching term for birds with two-toes: 


    WikiAnswers asserts that the ostrich is the world’s only two-toed bird:


    According to these links, the correct answer to your question might be “ostrich”.


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    It appears you would refer to the bird as two-toed.  While some of the other foot structures have names like palmate, lobate or raptorial based on the number of toes, webbing and shape, the two-toed variety is referred to as two-toed.

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    Woodpeckers have zygodactyly, or two toes in the front of their foot and two foots towards the back of their foot. This allows them to grip trees to search for insects inside of the bark. If you saw a woodpecker from the front or back it may appear to have just 2 toes.

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