What prompted to Chevrolet to start building fuel efficient vehicles?



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    The same reason every other busness would: the market is there.  Chevrolet wants to tap into the fuel-effecient sedan market, as they think it would be profitable.

    Not everyone is keen on fuel-saving cars, though. Thankfully, people are buying more fuel-efficient cars, but not nearly as quickly as you would think.  In 2008, American vechiles had an average of only 21 miles per gallon.

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    I agree; just like other car companies Chevrolet wants to compete in the fuel-efficient vehicle market. Chevrolet currently has the Volt which has been labeled as the “most fuel-efficient” car on the market. Its only problem is its price. With people beginning to buy more fuel-efficient cars, and other companies continuing to make cars that are not only fuel-efficient but affordable, Chevrolet will continue to have competition in this growing market.

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