What products would a green cleaner use for the home?



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    You could make your own green cleaning products! Baking soda and vinegar combined make a tough combo…this site gives multiple recipes and ideas for making homemade cleaning products. Alternatively, there are many products that could be purchased, like Ecover and Seventh Generation brand cleaning products…but keep in mind they will be quite a bit more expensive!

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    Clorox now has a whole line of “Green Works” that are environmentally friendly and safe for use. Other companies are following the example.

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    Method brands tend to be pretty economical and eco-friendly.  Essential oils offer a variety of scents and are made from the essence of a variety of plants or flowers, each of them having different properties but usually antiseptic and antibacterial.  Citrus oils are great for cleaning, just mix with a little water….it works well and smells good too!

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    A green cleaner may make their own products using baking soda, cornstarch, club soda, citrus juices, and vinegar. The site listed below has some recipes for making cleaning products. Other green cleaners may purchase products by green companies, such as Seventh Generation, Method, and Green Works.

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