What products have most dramatically changed their packaging to be more green?



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    A lot of companies are trying to make the switch to green packaging in hopes of reducing waste, pollution, and overall abuse of resources. Some noteworthy ones include water bottle companies (Biota, Fiji, etc) and the food industry. There has recently been advertising for Frito-Lay, who owns SunChips, for their release of the compostable bag.The bags are made of plastic derived from renewable plant-based materials. They are estimated to be able to compost in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions in 12-16 weeks.

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    Quiznos recently changed their packaging to be more green. They are using renewable or recycled material with “Eat Toasty, Be Green” on them. Their cups, salad bowls, lids, napkins, and lunch boxes have all gotten the green treatment.

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    There is an acai berry drink that recently changed their packaging from glass to plastic.  I thought it was extremely dramatic, and didn’t buy it at first.  I was curious though and looked it up, only to find out they consciously changed it because studies have proven plastic gets recycled more often than glass.  It could be 6 of one 1/2 dozen of another by the end of it — based on resources used, chemicals emmitted, etc. etc. but it was definitely a dramatic approach to the issue at hand and  encouraged me, the consumer, to look more deeply into it.

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