What products can be recycled?



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    There are many different types of products that can be recycled, from paper to certain plastics. Some plastics today are biodegradable and broken down into the environment. Other types can be re-used into other products, thus taking up less space in landfills. The same can be said for paper products. 

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    Anything with out current technology. Its all a matter of creating a larger market for it so that more products can actually be recycled.

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    Many things can be recycled; plastics, glass, paper products, aluminum, steel, yard debris, batteries, the list goes on.  

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    This depends on where you live. I recommend checking with your local solid waste district (they should have a website). Typically, most all places recycled #1 and #2 plastics. Some will take all plastics, #1-7. Papers, glass, metals, and cardboard can typically be recycled. You may also want to check with your local libraries, schools, or fire departments. They may get money from recycling your paper or cans. There are also seasonal recyclables, such as christmas trees. You can try to recycle some of your own items as well, by repurposing them. I use old clothes as rags to wipe my paintbrushes on. You can also donate clothing to different non-profit organizations if they are still in wearable shape. 

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