What product do you think has the most wasteful packaging?



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    Anything individually wrapped.  For example when you buy the box of 12 lunch size bags of cheezits.  Because you have the bag that all the cheezits come in.  then you have the box that holds the bags.  And then you have the plastic cover around the box.  This is so wasteful because you could just as easily buy a regular box of ceezits and evenly distribute it yourself, and then recycle the cardboard. 

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    Any take out food.  They use a lot of packaging.  Most isn’t really reusable and isn’t good for the environment if disposed of.

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    I’d have to say computers or other expensive electronic devices. There’s just so much bubble wrap, wires, ties, tape, plastic…ugh. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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    Good question, Alyssa.  I would have to agree with keithplya9, that individually wrapped products are the most wasteful.  I would also suggest that when companies package items a certain way when others have developed ways of using less packaging, then that is wasteful.  This reminds me of this brand of guitar strings that uses only one recycled paper package, instead of the way other companies use a plastic outside, paper inside, and individually packaged strings.  


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    Yes packaging has become ridiculously excessive. That is why I like to buy most things in bulk, from food to household needs. It reduces the packaging,  and its quite often much less expensive. Many regular grocery stores now offer items in bulk, and certainly if you live near any health food store, they offer basic foods in bulk as well.

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