What is proctor and gamble doing to make their company more green?



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    P&G has many initiatives to become a more sustainable company. They are currently working on phasing out all PVC plastic in packaging and reducing all packaging for their products. Since July 2002, P&G has reduced energy usage 52%, CO2 emissions 53%, waste disposal 61%, and water usage 58%. They are increasing the usage of plant based bioplastics for packaging, purchasing more renewable energy, and pursuing LEED certifications for new buildings and plants. They are producing annual sustainability reports and setting future goals for renewable packaging, zero waste to landfill, and other initiatives. 

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    Unfortunately, many of these so-called green initiatives are just for show. Procter and Gamble, along with many other companies, are greenwashing their products through advertising while doing almost nothing to help the earth. They can talk the talk without walking the walk.

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