what is the process of television recycling?



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    Most televisions that are dumped tend to be old, obsolete TVs that had to go once the digital transition was made in the USA in 2008. These are CRT televisions and most of these TVs are recycled into CRT televisions. These TVs are remade in Malaysia, which then distributes the TVs to developing countries where CRT TVs are still used. 

    These CRT TVs contain a tube of glass that is filled with lead, which prevents the X-Rays in the TV from leaking out of the TV, thereby protecting consumers. If these glass tubes from the recycled TVs are still usable, they are melted down and made into new tubes for the CRT TVs. If they are not usable, they are sent to lead factories where they are converted into car batteries – not exactly an environmentally friendly process in anyway, especially for the workers in the lead factories who are exposed to the highest levels of lead you can be exposed to.

    Other times, these recycled TVs are simply sent over seas where the glass tubes that are still viable are sold to remanufacturers, or simply dumped with the trash. 

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