What is the process of making recycled items into new items?




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    This all depends on what is being recycled and what it is being turned in to. 

    Paper, for example, will most likely be turned in to another paper product. It is sorted and shredded and then soaked and turned in to a pulp. The fibers of the paper are what is being recovered. Once the pulp stage is reached, new paper products can be made similarly to how they would normally be made. 

    Plastic goes through a moderately similar process where it is first is sorted, shredded, and soaked. The plastic is then dried and melted down into pellets known as nurdles. These can then be reused to make synthetic fleece, engineered wood products or carpet. 

    Everything that is recycled is going to go through a process with the same basic steps: sorting, cleaning, breaking down and reforming. 

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