What is the process for recycling fabric?



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    The process of recycling fabric depends on the fabric and quality. Some fabrics may simply be shredded and used as are shredded for fillers in car insulation, roofing felts, loudspeaker cones, panel linings, furniture padding etc.. Wollen garments however are often used by specialist firms or mills for fibre reclamation to make yarn or more fabric. 

    Mills determine the incoming material and divide by type and colour. Colors do not have to be re-dyed, which saves energy and pollutants.  First, the material is shredded into ‘shoddy’ (fibres).  Sometimes the fibres will be blended with other yarns or materials, depending on what the end product will be.  Then the fibres or the blended mixture is cleaned and mixed if necessary, and then spun for weaving or knitting. 

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