what problems are caused by sewage production



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    Sewage management is incredibly important in maintaining a healthy environment, and entire ecosystems can be destroyed through improper treatment and disposal.

    Lakes are a good example of how sewage can negatively effect an ecosystem.  Sewage is high in phosphorus, and too much phosphorus can lead to algae blooms.  As the algae dies, bacteria begin to feed on the remains.  Oxygen is depleted due the the bacteria’s respiration and large fish kills can occur. 

    Sewage is not only a hazard to lake life, but also poses a threat to humans.  Sewage by itself is toxic, and swimmers can become ill by swimming in lakes containing it.  In addition to direct contact, some of the algae blooms created by sewage nutrients (such as cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae) can be harmful or even fatal if ingested.

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