What is the problem of Urban Sprawl?



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    there are many problems

    First, you have longer commute times to different areas around the city simply because its geographically large

    Your city center loses dominance, which causes jobs and residences to move all around which then in and of itself causes more traffic leading to arbitrary directions, and increasing traffic jams

    This also increases you need for a car because everything is far and with no dominant city center, mass transit system tend to be weak and unorganized

    Los Angeles is well known for this problem.

    [img_assist|nid=141669|title=Traffic Jam|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=377]

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    One problem with urban sprawl would be the loss of farmland due to the building of highways and housing developments. Without an local farmers to produce food, we become more reliant on food that is produced out of the state or country which is not environmentally friendly. Also there is a loss of wildlife habitats which creates puts a burden on survival for various species. Check out the link for more issues. Hope this helped!  

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    Along with the congestion on freeways comes pollution.  Sprawl makes effective public transportation more difficult and decreases the chance individuals will choose to bike to work.  Again, LA is well known for both congestion on freeways and pollution.  Additionally, people move to the suburbs and expect to have nice big, green lawns.  However, the maintenance of these lawns requires a lot of water and sometimes quite a bit of fertilizer.  If we all lived in the city, we could bike to work, reduce pollution and enjoy the lawn in a local park rather than watering and mowing our own.

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