What is the problem with the energy supply in the United States?



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    The U.S. used two main types of energy that are rapidly declining: Petroleum and Natural Gas. Petroleum is used in 40 percent of energy consumption, and 96 percent of the energy we use for transportation. Petroleum oil production was at its highest in 1970, where we drilled 11.6 miilion bll/d. It dropped after that and has continued to plummet, though we have brought up over 5,694 new wells, with the 50,000 wells still producing. Meanwhile, consumption has increased, from 14.7 million bbl/d in 1970 to 20.0 million bbl/d. Because of this, roughly 60 percent of all oil demand is now met with imports.

    Natural gas is in decline in the same manner, with 17 percent of US consumption coming from imports (mainly Canada).

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