What is the problem that the food production in Africa goes down and import rise?



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    High imports and low food production creates a number of problems for Africa:

    • Food imports cost more in comparison to food grown by its host.  This means imports cost more to purchase which creates a huge problem for Africa due to the millions living in extreme poverty.
    • Relying on another country for food production makes the reliant country subject to the intangibles and unknowns of the producing country.  For example, If the US provides corn for zimbabwe but the US experiences catastrophic flooding in the spring-time that destroys much of the US corn crop, the US will be unable to provide their export quota for Zimbabwe.  This means Zimbabwe will go without food due to the lack of corn surplus in the United States.  Relying on another country for food imports creates food insecurity for the reliant country.
    • Lastly, a country who relies on another country for food imports losses jobs for its citizens by cutting out a huge job creating sector (food production).
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