What is the probability that the Earth will burn to a cinder?



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    Well, with the current trend of global warming, it is fair to say the Earth could burn to a cinder.  The tricky question is determining when this might happen. I assume by cinder, you mean burn to a crisp, which could be an accurate description of what could possibly happen.  While I cannot provide you with an exact probability, I would have to say that it is definitely possible that the Earth could be destroyed by burning up.  It’s really hard to say though. 

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    I don’t think there is too high a possibility of that happening based solely on the fact that so much of the Earth is made up of water. It would take one heck of a fire to burn the whole thing up and i just don’t see that happening. On the other hand, you can never rule out the possibility, hopefully we wont find out for a while!

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    I agree with tristan that the earth burning to a cinder is a pretty remote possibility. While global warming is the common term used to describe climate change, the earth is not only getting warmer. Winters are getting colder. Springs are getting wetter. While some regions will experience intensified droughts, others will experience intensivied rainy seasons. The strongest possibility for burning the earth would be nuclear war, rather than climate change.

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    If thousands (I mean hundreds of thousands) of meteors hit the earth simultaneously and managed to avoid the large bodies of water, sure. If the sun came crashing down onto earth (which is highly unlikely) we’d be in some trouble.

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    Seriously??? That is about as likely as the earth breaking free from its orbit around the sun and spinning off into deep space. To be burned to a cinder, the sun would need to go nova and for that to happen–not for a few billion more years.

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