What priceless materials is found in semi conductor sludge?

I heard some form of high value materials are found in semi conducor sludge? What materials are they? How much is the net value per kg?



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    The thick “sludge” that results from the manufacture of semiconductors is one of the most toxic substances on Earth due to its high content of heavy metals. Among these heavy metals is silver, which is beginning to become scarce from natural sources. Approximately 5.92% of semiconductor waste consists of various silver compounds. There is some potential in developing chemical processes to reclaim this silver, mainly through the use of chloride leaching processes. (As of today, 2/3/10, silver sells for $527.27 per kg on exchange markets). In addition to recovery of silver, studies have also been done showing that semiconductor sludge can be a useful and safe building material, such as when added to construction mortar.

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