What is the prettiest LEED certified building in the world?



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    You can find a list of LEED Platinum certified buildings from the link below. Some of the links have pictures. I personally think these buildings to be pretty:

    Alberici Corporation Headquarters, St. Louis, MO

    Great River Energy, Maple Grove, MN

    Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation Synagogue, Evanston, IL

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    This is quite a matter of opinion.  Special consideration should go to this parking garage in Santa Monica.  Not only is it beatiful, but it is green — that’s pretty impressive for a parking garage.[img_assist|nid=179106|title=parking|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=448]

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    My vote goes to the Queens Botanical Garden Visitor Center.

    See the second link below for a list of pictures of LEED Platinum Certified buildings.

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