What president has passed the best laws for the environment?



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    It was probably the man you’d least expect: Richard Nixon.  His administration, however damaging in other aspects, signed the Clean Air Act in 1970.  This is the most important legislation with regard to environmental policy.  The act is 40 years old this year, and has made a profound impact on our standard of living.  He also created the Environmental Protection Agency.  While in my opinion, Jimmy Carter was a better, more honest environmentalist, Nixon wins this battle with these two landmarks.  There’s a link below which mentions both and a few more eco-friendly presidents.

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    Theodore Roosevelt actually did a lot to better the environment.  During his presidency he set aside a ton of land for national forests, and was a huge advocate for the protection of natural resources.  Roosevelt, who is considered to be a conservationist, paved the way for future environmentalists to come.

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